Amazon to create 10,000 new jobs in the UK.
Amazon Creates 10,000 Jobs In The UK Hero

Published on the 14 May, 2021

Amazon is set to hire a further 10,000 people in the UK by the end of 2021. This will see their headcount reach in excess of 55,000 UK personnel, clearly a sign that Amazon isn’t expecting post-pandemic demand to dip with the re-opening of the high street.

What will the jobs be?

Amazon have stated that the jobs will mainly be within their fulfilment centres but will also include roles in digital marketing, software development, cloud computing and AI.

The Jobs are likely to be based in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Cambridge as well as some remote AWS and operational roles.

Pay for the roles will begin at £10.80 per hour in London and £9.70 in the rest of the UK. There’s also some great benefits to working at Amazon, such as private medical insurance, life insurance, income protection and employee discount worth around £700 a year.

Great news for Armed Forces Service Leavers.

Amazon have a great Armed Forces transition programme and really are market leaders in helping military personnel change career into a civilian role, particularly with their internal network of veterans providing mentoring & support.

Will this be a continuing trend?

Last year, Amazon increased its UK headcount by around 10,000 personnel, providing some well needed opportunities, particularly for those affected by the job losses due to Covid.

Clearly we hope that Covid doesn’t continue to be a strain on our lives or our economy but we do hope that large organisations such as Amazon continue to invest and grow their organisations here in the UK.

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