Our Story.

Experience matters & we understand your situation, we’ve been through it & know about the challenges that you’re facing.

BaselineUK Founder

I was two months into my resettlement before I knew what it was that I wanted to do. Until that point, the only thing I was sure about was that after nearly 15 years of service, it was time for me to leave.

During those first 2 months of my resettlement I considered many careers that I thought I would be good at and enjoy but nothing seemed to stick, it would excite me for a few days then subside, I also found that it was a challenge to find trusted and reputable information that I needed without spending hours, days even weeks researching.

The thing was, I wasn’t just someone looking for a training course or moving from one job to another, I was in a unique situation, I was a service leaver and about to be giving up a large part of my identity, I needed more than what was on offer at my local learning centre.

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t concerned that I had no real plan for my resettlement and life after the military. I eventually had my light bulb moment and it was an absolute relief but as I quickly learnt, it wasn’t going to be straight forward, I had just under 10 months left with a mountain of tasks still to complete.

I knew that when I created BaselineUK it should offer a range of resources that would inspire lightbulb moments in others, a one stop resettlement shop that saved precious time and created a lasting mindset for success!

I learnt a lot during my resettlement and even more since becoming a civilian, it’s that knowledge that I want to share with you through the medium of BaselineUK!

Ross Timmins

Founder, BaselineUK

The organisation.

BaselineUK operates from an office in Nottingham city centre and we remain true to our original concept that was formed in 2017 during the founders own resettlement… BaselineUK was created through experience!

We work with passion and understanding to provide the very best resettlement resources for the entire Armed Forces and Veteran communities by applying the BaselineUK Vision, Mission and Values to everything that we do!

BaselineUK Vision

To bring resettlement to the attention of every service person and veteran in a way that inspires preparation and the confidence to succeed.

We hope to change how resettlement is viewed by everyone involved in the process from the service person to the Ministry Of Defence as well as every organisation that supports the service leaver or business that relies on their custom. We want resettlement to be thought about from the beginning of a service persons career to enable a preparatory approach not a reactionary after thought.

BaselineUK Mission

To provide innovative resettlement resources with a sense of community, enabling us to be your baseline, your standard, your pathway to success.

To realise our vision we have set ourselves a clear mission that can only be achieved through embracing our values. Our Mission keeps us focussed on delivering our services in way that is personal and best for you. We want you to feel a sense of community that can sometimes be lost when a decision is made to leave the military. By being successful in our mission, we can make sure that we’re there to help you be successful in yours!

BaselineUK Values

Distinction, Simplicity, Transparency.

We’ve kept our values simple, there’s only three but they work extremely well together and are all that we need to ensure that we deliver exactly what you need.

Distinction – We ensure that there is purpose in everything we do and that we complete everything to a standard of excellence that sets BaselineUK apart.

Simplicity – We aim to make our services as simple yet productive as possible because resettlement is already a complicated subject, it was that complexity that inspired the creation of BaselineUK in the first place.

Transparency – This is extremely important to us, we’re customer focussed and being transparent in everything that we do creates the trust that allows us to help you succeed.

Trust in us.

Trust is important in any relationship and we believe that shouldn’t be any different for the relationship between BaselineUK and yourself. Transparency is one of our values so we’ve taken the opportunity to explain some of the reasons why you can trust us. We know that this will allow you to rest assured and concentrate on the things that matter to you.

Our members.

Our biggest and most important source of credibility is you, our members and what you have to say about us. We know that nothing in life is perfect but that won’t stop us from trying to achieve it by listening to your feedback and growing our services.

Our pledge.

BaselineUK has signed the Armed Forces Covenant and pledged our commitment to upholding it’s principles. We are proud of our Armed Forces and value the sacrifices that you make, that’s why we work hard to provide the services we do, knowing that we can help you find success and happiness after the military, ultimately achieving the BaselineUK mission.

Who we trust.

BaselineUK only looks to businesses that it trusts across our range of resources. The businesses that we choose to feature all have similar values and standards to us, most if not all have signed the Armed Forces Covenant and do their best to provide great services for our Armed Forces and veteran communities, we’ve listed a few below.

Southwest Health & Safety Logo
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MK Mortgages Partneship
The Knowledge Academy Logo
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